Friday, April 02, 2010

Trying Chrome

Sigh... OK, I'm going to try Google Chrome for real. I prefer Safari, but in the last week, it has given me so much grief. Crashes... Windows which can't be closed... Addresses at the top which really belong to other windows... and so on. And no amount of updating or rebooting has handled it.

I could have gone with Firefox. It's a good browser, but for some odd reason I never really felt at home there, I can't say why.


ttl said...

Good idea.

I have for some time now recommended that anyone who can, switch to Chrome ASAP. The reason being that securitywise it is far above the rest. On a different class altogether.

Now, I say “can” because it is not available for every computer architecture. For example, it does not run on a PowerPC Mac, which is what I have. But users of any current Windows based PC should have no difficulties installing it.

You will be much safer running Chrome than IE, Firefox or Safari.

M. Pipolo said...

I'm guessing you've already tried repairing permissions, trashing the Safari preference files, and clearing the cache too?

I know with Firefox... it just doesn't feel or act like a proper Mac program. Neither does Chrome though.

Tommy said...

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