Friday, November 20, 2009

Lou Reed, Nick Cave

I think it's cool when an artist branches out. Like when Nick Cave became a novelist, or Lou Reed a photographer. It seems Nick uses the new Leica M9, which is a very impressive camera, a huge step up from the M9. Actually it seems to be beating the big full-frame cameras in image quality, something I did not see coming.

And Cave's newest project is extremely "new media" indeed.

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At 21 Nov 2009, 03:09:00, Anonymous hank jones said...

It would be great...if they showed equal ability in the new area.

At 26 Nov 2009, 23:53:00, Anonymous Leviathud said...

Reminds me of Brian Adams who was big in the 80's (Summer of '69, Run to You, Heaven) and is now quite accomplished as a photographer.


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