Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Apropos lemon trees and Herb Alpert

My father and I did not have much in common, but a few thing linger, like my appreciation for the Swe-Danes and Herb Alpert. Here's his Lemon Tree by the latter.

Here's a version with lyrics, which Mike B pointed to by quoting them and reminding me of the song.
Isn't it amazing how it sounds like a completely different song? Apart from the lack of vocals, the different tempo and emphasis on notes (I'm sure there's a technical term for it), and of course instrumentation makes it of a whole different world.

Herb Alpert was also mentioned on the Gilmore Girls, which is always a big green flag for me, the writers of that wonderful show has great taste.


Tommy said...

That's amazing. I first listened to Herb and didn't really recognize it. I then listened to the vocal and immediately recognized it (Petter, Paul and Mary) and sang along with it.

I went back and am listening to Herb again and yup, it's the same song...just different.

Thanks, EO - nice tunes

eolake said...

Yeah, that's great artists at work.

Could be fun to take the same subject, say, a girl standing in a field by a tree, and let ten widely different talented painters do each their own version of it.

Tommy said...

As long as their not abstract artists. Last week I went to The Clarke Museum in Massachusetts (USA). I saw a painting of Lake Erie that looked no more like a lake than the pencil in my pocket. I like art, but sometimes it gets stretched a bit.

Other than that it would be VERY interesting indeed to see what would come out of those 10 artists. Kind of like, whispering in someone's ear, having them repeat it to the next person, and so on. Just wait and see what comes out of the last person's mouth (grin).

eolake said...

Don't mention that, I only played that game once, at a childrens' party, and apparently I was the only one who changed the message, highly embarrassing.

Michael Burton said...

Everybody remembers Dylan, the Beatles and the Stones from the 1960s, but artists like Herb Alpert, Sergio Mendes and Peter, Paul and Mary seem almost forgotten these days.

I'm always delighted to stumble across something like this -- lost, then found.

I also recommend almost anything by Vince Guaraldi, who is probably best known these days for the music in the Peanuts TV specials.

Alex said...

I always think of David Benoit when I think Charlie Brown.