Monday, August 31, 2009

Recent movies, micro-reviews

It's work to write real reviews, but sometimes I just want to mention a movie (or show) I thought was worth attention (or not). So I went over my rental list of movies I've watched this summer, picked out those that were interesting, or should have been, and added a comment.

Meet The Fockers
Outstanding comedy. Sequel to Meet The Family, watch that first.

Scent Of A Woman
Can't believe I never watched this before. Excellent movie.

The Deep End
Should be interesting, but wasn't really, to me. Love Tilda Swinton, but the movie was very slow, and you couldn't see where it was going, so little interest.

Gavin And Stacey - 2008 Christmas Special
Not bad, but not quite as good as the regular series one and two.

My Sassy Girl
Should be interesting, but wasn't really, to me. Good basic idea (psycho girlfriend), but somehow did not hold my interest.

Over Her Dead Body
Could have been a lot more funny and interesting, given the ideas and Eva Longoria.

House Bunny
Very funny, I liked it. Love Anna Faris, she is hot, she is funny.

Gavin and Stacey
Outstanding comedy series.

Oz - Series 1 - Disc 1
I only watched 10 minutes, it seemed to clichéd and predictable.

My Best Friend's Girl
Good, funny.

Wall Street
Good film, but didn't hold my attention all the way the second time around.

Great flick, classic.

Life Stinks
After this, Mel Brooks was advices to stick to comedies, he said. Which I don't get, because it is a comedy. And I really liked it.

I Love Your Work
Should be interesting, but wasn't really, to me. I really like Giovano Ribisi, and the film had some promising aspects, but... I don't know... too slow and unclear maybe.

Rules Of Attraction
Should be interesting, but wasn't really, to me. Had this irritating gimmick of scrolling back in time (on camera) all the time to follow a different character.

Casino Royale
Best Bond movie I've seen. I've never cared much for them, but this one was raw.


Philocalist said...

I'm thinking that you should have stuck with Oz a little longer ... it was an excellent series when shown on TV (usually very late at night), and one of the big strengths of the series was actually the un-predictability (is that really a word, or a Bush-ism?:-) )of the storylines, which usually saw several running concurrently.
Have to admit, some of it got very 'heavy' and did not make particularly pleasant viewing, but I guess that goes with the territory when you are watching storylines within a maximum security facility?

BaronessBlack said...

I loved Scent of a Woman too.
I found it's message subtle enough not to insult the intelligence too much. Too many Hollywood movies, in my humble opinion, are so glaring and obvious, that I find them a turn-off even when the storyline is a positive one.

Alex said...

"Casino Royale
Best Bond movie I've seen. I've never cared much for them, but this one was raw."

I know I just love David Niven as Bond. Good also to see Bernard Cribbins as the cabby, and Peter Sellars is a hoot.

Herb Alpert was also a fun composer, his music added to the quaintness and brashness of the film.

The babes were good, but a little too much mascara, still a sign of the times...

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

"Tongue-in-cheek Alex". I think you mean I mean the recent version!

But I should see the old one too, I guess.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

... Hmmm, I've looked it up now on my rental service, and it appears I have actually seen it a few years ago and marked it as two stars only, as have many others. C'est la guerre.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

BaronessBlack, yes, I agree.

The ending of Scent edged towards "Hollywood", but I'm sure it would have been a flop if it had been realistic all the way.

Anyway, a film which made me think and feel strongly. Joy of life too.

Alex said...

No, it really is a hammy/drugged out psychedelic movie. With 4 directors taking one part each, and the film being very much of the time. It is so different from the Broccoli Bonds. I still like Niven in the role, more of a Steed prototype than a JB. The rest of the film, especially the casino sequence and the grouse shoot, and the Berlin house are too much for my tastes.

The best thing on the DVD of the old Casino Royale was that it had the original Casino Royale. This one the first screen Bond ever, probably a decade before Connery. It was interesting, even though a little dry. Still, US TV was the first incarnation.

I have to say my fellow Cestrian did a great job as Bond.

I had great hopes for the series after this. Taking a new, drier Bond, add some of the brutality back in, and start over. It was pretty ballsy introducing Bond and not having Q. The curve ball was having M retained from the earlier series, if they had replaced her it would have felt like someone hit the reset button.

They could have filmed all the original novels in this straight fashion. I guess that's what they tried with Dalton, but it didn't go down well.

Did you see Quantum of Solace? That built on the new Bond, but with a silly deployment of fuel cells in the hotel.

Anonymous said...

Oz - Series 1 - Disc 1
I only watched 10 minutes, it seemed to clichéd and predictable.

Definitely. Also a ridiculously high body count. I've never been in prison, but I doubt even San Quentin has that many deaths in that short a time span.

Season 2 I managed only a couple of episodes, seemed like the same old thing.

As for the Bond movies, although the Craig Bond is great and closer to the character of the books, I have actually liked all the Bonds and even have a soft spot for Roger Moore. The same things people always criticize his Bond movies for are exactly what made them perfect for the time.

Anonymous said...

Great flick, classic.

Btw, have you heard they are remaking this? It is one of my all time favorites, I've seen it about a gazillion times. Why remake what is already perfect. From the studio perspective it is because most people will not watch anything but the newest releases. A movie made in 1950? In black and white?! Of course the acting style back then was different, and the jokes are maybe not quite as funny as they would have been back then, but it is still very enjoyable. I like to think I'd be able to see the rabbit.

Btw one old movie I saw recently which I thought was very funny (and kind of sweetly sad at times) was Marty. Also from the 50s.

Alex said...

I'm trying to remember if "The Comic Strip Presents..." did a Bond spoof. The closest I can think of is "Space Virgins from Planet Sex". Pete Richens takes the Bond like role.

Also, I never took to Lazenby as Bond. What did you think to his role as "JB" or "English Spy" in "The Return of the Man From U.N.C.L.E.".

Must confess, Moore was my Bond through the 70's and 80's. I skipped all the Brosnan ones big screen, but regret that now.

For all Bonds glam and wow, I think I still prefer The Saint in his older incarnations (Sanders, Hayward) though I think the book Saint is better.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks, Jimbo, I'll try Marty.