Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bike and long exposure (updated)

[Update: there are at least three levers (see below) on the dang bike (Kalkhoff Pro Connect S) I have no clue what do. And I can't find instructions anywhere (except for the battery)! I've tried the store and an online forum, so far no answers.] [Update: got answers today Wed.]

I had not intended to post about my new bike for a while, because I just got it today, and I don't know how things will go. (For example, last bike I tried was a racing bike, and a five-minute trial resulted in a spine incident. I also dislike exercise, so I'm hoping getting an electric bike will get me over that hump, and help me get out to a wider area of things to photograph.)

But I guess now the cat's out of the bag, because I just wanted to post this photo which surprised me. It's in indoor light, so I had intended to use flash. I forgot to turn on the flash for the first picture, and to my delighted surprise, it not only is usable, it is much better than the flash picture, and it is sharp. The lens was set to 28mm (equivalent) which is a bit wide, which helps, but still... it was taken hand-held at 1/6 second!

The anti-shake in the Panasonic G1 kit lens must be fantastic to allow perfectly sharp photos at such long exposure times. (I'd read a reviewer mention this, but not thought much about it.)

(Click to enlarge.)
Unknown levers seen from above and below. (Scuzzi the odd picture quality, still learning the G1.)

(The wires just disappear into the frame, so it's no use following them.)

Update: finally got an email from the store: the thing I thought was the gear changer on top (half shown top left) is actually regulation of the suspension. The two right levers are for gears up and down. The big black lever is the throttle. (Though I'm not sure why it needs one when it has three power modes, and also supposedly reacts to how hard you pedal.)

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At 11 Aug 2009, 03:46:00, Anonymous M. Pipolo said...

I love it!

An iMac. Speakers. A teddy bear. Not one, not two, but 3 iPods (2 + iPhone?). Eleven cameras.

Everything idyllically neat. :)

At 11 Aug 2009, 03:54:00, Blogger eolake said...

Thanks kindly.
Working from home, I decided I did not need an iPhone (with the hefty monthly fees), so it's an iPod Touch. (But actually I prefer the standard iPod interface.)

I love the Teddy Bear (Bradshaw Bear), I've had him for near 20 years. I got one for my little niece, and there was something so *right* about the design I got one for myself.

At 11 Aug 2009, 04:33:00, Blogger Alex said...

What's with the screw holes behind the TV, and the different coloured wall? It's almost like someone took out an electric fireplace without repainting.

As for the Rug, can anyone say "Ikea 1994"?

That bear isn't even a Stieff!

What about Netwok Northwest, and GM Buses, they involve less physical activity, and get you places. Heck, the Zone you're in the pass would get you to Wigan, Stockport and, dare I say, Cheadle Hulme! They are now System One Travel cards.

Great locations for shooting covered in this area include...

St Annes Sq
Wigan Pier
Salford Quays (Weatherfield Docks in Coronation St).
Manchester University.
Whitworth Park
New Mills/Bollington/Disley
Saddleworth (not quite to Holmfirth)

You have a wonderful mix of lakes, reservoirs, woods, plains, canal paths, mill towns, University cities, moors, seaports, formal parks all in that one little area.

At 11 Aug 2009, 05:01:00, Blogger eolake said...

The walls need work, but don't you dare insult my rug, I love it!

I am also considering a System One County travel card later, but now I'm starting with this. I don't have to wait for busses/trains or think about where and when they go.

It will also be good for going to many places which are *just* too far away for me to bother walk most days, certain restaurants and friends' houses, etc.

At 11 Aug 2009, 06:15:00, Blogger galactica said...

1 Google recumbent
2 Go to Wikipedia
3 Try a recumbent at a local dealer.
4 You will never ride the bike in the picture again.

At 11 Aug 2009, 09:57:00, Blogger ttl said...

That's a cool looking bike. Interesting how small they make the electrics in them these days -- it's not even immediately obvious it is an e-bike. German made is it?

At 11 Aug 2009, 14:50:00, Anonymous Miserere said...

Do I spy two Pentax cameras on the table? And is the frontmost camera a Hassy? Those guys sure knew how to design a box with a lens attached LOL!

Welcome to the fantastic world of in-body shake reduction, Eolake. As a Pentax K10D user, I have been enjoying sharp pics at 1/6s @ 28mm-equiv. for 2 years :-) OK, sharp as long as nothing is moving in the frame (lest the high-ISO brigade persecute me for my words).

The best part about your "office" is the chair. Nobody mentioned it, but I saw it before the bike; I've been wanting one of those since I sat in one at somebody else's office.

Cool posters too :-)

At 11 Aug 2009, 20:40:00, Blogger eolake said...

Yes, German made, and reeks of it. Very solid, heavy, and well built.
I't true you hardly see the motor, and I'm told you can hardly hear it either, unlike some e-bike's. (I'm waiting for info on some levers before I take it out, there's no proper manual.)

Pentax Spotmatic (a gift, which started the collection, see here. And a ME Super. And a 40-year old Hasselblad.

Actually, Panasonic opted for in-lens stabilization, oddly. Wonder if they'll put it in all of them.

At 11 Aug 2009, 22:07:00, Blogger Monsieur Beep! said...

If only ALL bikes would be powered by electricity, which should easily be possible nowadays.
All combustions engines on motorbikes replaced by electric motors (on new models, alas..)

No more stinking (!!!), no more noisy nights with mopeds circling the block, with noises ten times louder than a chain saw!

YOU want the kick from the blubbering or screeching sound of a bike engine? Ok, wearing headphones within your helmet with the proper downloaded sound should be satisfying you.

You see I´m craving for innovation, to save not the planet, but us.

At 12 Aug 2009, 00:24:00, Blogger Bert said...

[...] at least three levers on the dang bike I have no clue what do.

Ejectable seat? Beer tap?

Show us some close-up pictures, perhaps we can help! ;-)

At 12 Aug 2009, 00:35:00, Blogger Bert said...

There appears to be some documentation available on the net, including some videos. This owner's manual seems to be pretty exhaustive, perhaps you can find the answers you seek in there.

At 12 Aug 2009, 00:38:00, Blogger eolake said...

pics posted.

At 12 Aug 2009, 00:46:00, Blogger eolake said...

Yes, that would be it, except it seems to be for an earlier model (the Pro Connect S is very new), and it does not show the levers I'm concerned about.

At 12 Aug 2009, 01:01:00, Blogger Bert said...

It's hard to tell from the pictures (you really should be ashamed :), but all three levers seem to be connected to cables (i.e. they are not electrical controls). This usually makes it easy to figure out the function of each lever, just follow the corresponding cable and see where it ends up.

I would guess that you have one or two levers to control gear shifting (how many gears?), and probably one to engage/release the electric motor. Something like that...

At 12 Aug 2009, 01:11:00, Blogger eolake said...

I just said the cables went into the frame.

And the gear shift and motor controls are on top, it's not them.

At 12 Aug 2009, 01:28:00, Blogger Bert said...

Even if the cables disappear into the frame, they have to come out somewhere. Moving the levers should produce corresponding motion elsewhere.

On some models of bikes, they use Shimano shift controls, with separate levers to shift up / shift down. Also, it is not clear on any of the pictures whether or not there are multiple sprockets in front (hinted in at least one picture I saw). That would require a lever separate from the main gear shift.

Could one of the levers engage / release the dynamo? Sounds silly to me, but there simply appears to be too many controls, some of these must be "luxury" add-ons...

At 12 Aug 2009, 01:42:00, Blogger eolake said...

I'll just have to call the store on the "phone" tomorrow, since 21st Century communications have failed so far (I emailed them at various addresses).

At 12 Aug 2009, 12:33:00, Blogger eolake said...

Update: finally got an email from the store: the thing I thought was the gear changer on top (half shown top left) is actually regulation of the suspension. The two right levers are for gears up and down. The big black lever is the throttle. (Though I'm not sure why it needs one when it has three power modes, and also supposedly reacts to how hard you pedal.)

At 12 Aug 2009, 15:27:00, Blogger Alex said...

I didn't mean to insult the rug, it just had "a look".

At 12 Aug 2009, 15:53:00, Blogger eolake said...

Well, I can tell ya the chicks dig it, so there.

At 12 Aug 2009, 19:30:00, Blogger Jimbo said...

Yes, German made, and reeks of it.

Oh, I don't know about that. Should have bought a Russian made one. Like German tanks, it's probably over engineered. The Russians build inelegant but they don't seize up if they get a grain of sand in them. ;-)

At 12 Aug 2009, 19:30:00, Blogger Jimbo said...

I didn't mean to insult the rug, it just had "a look".

I thought it really tied the room together.

At 13 Aug 2009, 09:46:00, Blogger TC [Girl] said...

Bert said...
"Ejectable seat? Beer tap?"

LOL!! GOOD ONES!! I'm STILL laughing! :-)

At 24 Aug 2009, 02:20:00, Blogger Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Man, imagine how complex it would be if it had an ENGINE!

At 24 Aug 2009, 02:26:00, Blogger Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Oh. It does. Never mind.

"It's been a while since I [...] had a long hard thing between my legs."
Really? Some spanish fly might help with your condition, you know.
We also have a very efficient native plant in Lebanon, called zallouh. Just boil its root, and have a date ready to avoid intense frustration. :-)

At 24 Aug 2009, 18:04:00, Blogger eolake said...

I tried those pills I get emails about all the time from friendly strangers. It made it hard, but not long, and I just got laughed at.

At 25 Aug 2009, 03:06:00, Blogger Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"But we Lebanese LOVE noisy nights with mopeds circling the block, with noises ten times louder than a chain saw!"
You would perhaps expect my fellow countrymen to be tired of loud noise after the war we've had. No dice. Of explosions, at least? HAH! Every other night or so, somebody throws a huge and very noisy fireworks display.
Just for the sake of showing they've got money to blow up in smoke... literally!

"Well, I can tell ya the chicks dig it, so there."
Then maybe you should stop leaving picks and shovels laying around when you're having chicks over. So there...

"I thought it really tied the room together."
I didn't know Eolake was into bondage.
Or maybe it's just his carpet being the kinky one?


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