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At 4 May 2009, 05:01:00, Anonymous Jes said...

Oh my God. From now on, I am saying, "I am a shimmering diamond of tranquility" at every random opportunity I get. lol

At 4 May 2009, 05:20:00, Anonymous Eric said...

Ha! Well it didn't work very long for him . . . and seems to be a reoccurring problem . . .

At 5 May 2009, 04:24:00, Blogger Pascal [P-04referent] said...

The flame hair was a nice touch... Very metaphorical.

"I'm a burning hot coal of edginess. EAT MY ASH, YOU PUNY TWIGS!!!"

At 5 May 2009, 04:28:00, Anonymous Formerly known as Dr Banner said...


At 5 May 2009, 21:02:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have always loved that strip. Glad it's getting some appreciation. Mr. Tak can draw!

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