Monday, May 04, 2009


Inspired by writing this, I got hold of Clockwise.
It's a near-perfect comedy. No special effects, no fancy settings, no extreme behavior, and the plot is all logical and believable. And yet the whole thing is written and timed so well that it's continually engaging and often funny as hell.

And nothing is ever pushed in your face. For example there's a character so shy that he never finishes a sentence. It's really funny, and yet nobody ever points out that he never finishes a sentence.

Another character is muddied up by trying to push a car out of a muddy field. Most other comedies would have the character absolutely covered in mud, really overdone it. But here they didn't do that, the whole thing stays real.


Anonymous said...

I just tried this one on your recommendation but unfortunately it didn't do it for me. It was amusing but I found it too predictable, like a sitcom. The misunderstanding of his wife, all the hijinks of the drive... I'd say I liked it, I just wouldn't call it near perfect.

eolake said...

All right, that's fair.

Anonymous said...

I've just got it. I plan to watch it after I've finished the last couple episodes of Deadwood's Season 3.