Monday, May 04, 2009

30 Rock and NYC in the thirties

Some desktop candy.
Even bigger versions here and here.

Man, that RCA building is a muddafokkin big building! I wonder why I've never really been aware of it.

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At 4 May 2009, 20:42:00, Blogger Alex said...

I have that lower one on a postcard. That lighting is just unreal. The even content of the air (haze, fog, smog) makes the layers of buildings look like a painted backdrop. The lower sun leaves very sharp shadows too.

That and the classic Grand Central photo are a few of my NY faves.

At 5 May 2009, 13:56:00, Blogger Tommy said... is a great site. I'll be back to look at more of them.

Thanks Eolake...


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