Thursday, April 02, 2009

Taxi and jeans

I'm just watching season 1 of Taxi. Generally I prefer TV shows from the nineties and forward, but Taxi is one of the good ones from the late seventies. Andy Kaufman was funny, and Marilu Henner was hot. And still is, she had a guest part on the outstanding Greg The Bunny.

Watching this reminds me of one of the few things that I miss from the seventies: tight jeans on pretty girls. That was heaven. How can such an excellent, simple, and sexy fashion just go away?


Ray said...

"tight jeans on pretty girls. That was heaven. How can such an excellent, simple, and sexy fashion just go away?"

Because their gynecologists told them that if they wanted to get rid
of their infections made worse by those tight-fitting jeans, they'd have to forget the tight jeans and wear something that didn't aggravate their problems. So it was goodbye to tight jeans and sweaty, overheated southern regions, and hello to looser clothing with more air circulation.
And I cleaned this up a lot!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Well, if they'd replaced them with mini-mini skirts for good ventilation, you'd have heard nary a complaint from me.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Surely they can't all have gotten thrush, though. And when did anybody let health get in the way of fashion? Lookit women's shoes.

Ray said...

I know nothing about fashion - I've been a divorced dropout from the War Between The Sexes for almost 3 decades now, and happily so. But it's obvious there's no accounting for taste, especially when it comes to women and their fashions. That's because when they decide to go 'trapping' they'll use anything that gets the job done!

terry said...

i miss those days of old eolake, i liked taxi myself, so many great memories from that show. any kauffman was superb as was judd hersh. tony danza too. its been awhile since i've visited this blog, hope everyone is alright, especially pascal, take care terry

Sukiho said...

I remember clearly, it was Madonna that did it, she started wearing those horrible baggy jeans and that was that, it all went downhill in the 80s altho I arent complaining about the way the girls dress where I live

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Taxi was a very nice sitcom, I loved it.
Give us Tony Danza back!

Tight jeans, following the shape of pretty legs, I find very sexy. One doesn't HAVE to wear them all the time, anyway!
That is, IF they cause health problems, which is by no means systematic. Depends on the person, and just how tight they are. Everything in moderation, always.

Thanks for the concern, Terry. I'm fine, it's just the electricity where I live that's grasping for dear life. ;-)
Plus, the ordinary time shortage of modern life.
Hope you're OK too. If you miss my ramblings, just visit my very own blog, I'm sure you'll like it: