Monday, March 23, 2009

Adult industry

More than one person has referred me to this article (More women needing cash go from jobless to topless).
I think it was Joe who said recently that it always comes down to money. If you can afford to think so, pot or sex-work is "immoral", but if you're really hurting in the wallet...

An interesting part of it is the statement that the adult industry may be recession-resistant, but it's not recession proof, contrary to what many of us thought. Down thirty percent is significant. In fact, it's only survivable because of the nice profit margins of the industry, if a computer company goes down by thirty percent, it goes down a hundred percent!

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At 24 Mar 2009, 03:55:00, Anonymous Sukiho said...

yes, porn companies are beginning to close, I got this quote from a forrum and it seems right

"At some point in the future, only very specific fetishes, extremely exclusive content and extremely high quality content will have a selling point, which will appeal to a very limited audience."

its not only the economy, its the fact that you can get most of it for free now as well

At 24 Mar 2009, 03:58:00, Blogger eolake said...

Could be a factor, but I'm not sure. Even back in the nineties, you could get about as much for free as you'd like.

At 24 Mar 2009, 06:06:00, Anonymous Sukiho said...

I think it becomes more of a factor when people have less money, and once they start getting it free they may not return to paying, unless its something very special that they cant get otherwise

At 24 Mar 2009, 11:11:00, Anonymous Philocalist said...

As a bartender and trainer at a national restaurant chain, Rebecca Brown earned a couple thousand dollars in a really good week.

DAMN! It's the first time in my 50-something years that I've actually considered that I may, after all, prefer being a woman! :-)
$100,000 a year for being a bartender / waitress???

At 25 Mar 2009, 00:47:00, Anonymous Joe said...

"earned a couple thousand dollars in good night."

Amazing the power of an attractive woman to persuade a man to part with his money, even in this down economy.

At 31 Jul 2009, 14:41:00, Anonymous terry said...

around here, its just as bad, rural small ohio town, you can purchase sex from a pretty 20 year old girl for twenty bucks. bush jr just murdered our ecomony. what a sad situation. i mean even in dayton the hookers have dropped their prices from 300 to 100 dollars. everybody needs to eat.


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