Sunday, February 01, 2009

Not fitting in

Writer Jed McKenna said that Not Fitting In should be regarded as a blessing, not a curse.
I think that's very wise. I think the most worthwhile people I know don't "fit in", and I'm glad of it. They don't fit because they have minds of their own.


Hannah said...

I always get uncomfortable if I get the idea I'm fitting in too well, I feel like I'm losing my identity. However, sometime I just wish I could fit in, would be an awful lot easier.

eolake said...

Yes, that's the thing, there's a lot more pressure without.

Bruce said...

Nice to know that I had such an advantage when I was a child. Didn't feel like it at the time.

eolake said...

It's hard, and it's much harder on children.

neeraj said...

Yes, it feels easier, but thats short-sighted. Everybody is unique, and therefore there is no predefined way exactly for you, ready made for sale or lying around somewhere outside. That means "not fitting in". And "fitting in" means loosing your uniqueness.

So, in fact its a gift disguised and protected behind thorns: You are free to create your own way, and you create your unique way by your unique going, and thats beautiful, because it creates something which was not there before, and will also never be repeated by somebody else.

Any creating out of your uniqueness means longing for your godliness, for the universal source in your innermost core. Without that you are not growing into being at home within yourself.

The world would be poor without that ...

I know, this can very easily misunderstood as selfishness, but in fact its not true, if rightly understood.

expatriot said...

Hello out there! I am an expat living partial years in sweden. I have never blogged before, but think, you all, have similar thoughts as I do.I have studied the course for 15 years and have learned nothing. I have questions about the reality of my daughters mental illness, and what it means from the course?

eolake said...

Expatriot, I recommend you go here:

Also, The book _The Disappearance Of The Universe_ by Gary Renard:
... hit me like a ton of bricks in 2006, it's great for understanding the Course.

Perhaps, though, other books of a more psychological nature might be good in your case. The Course is very... metaphysical.

Anonymous said...

Neeraj, I think Oprah's couch is probably a better place for that load of elephant shit. You didn't fit in because you're a pretentious twat.

neeraj said...

Oh, well ... really? I didn't know that. Every day a new insight is a good thing ...;-)

Seriously, it might be simply a language issue: English is not my mother tongue (I even had to ask a dictionary to learn about the words you are using), so I have sometimes a real problem to describe what I would like to share from my life.

Therefore it might sound sometimes too "intellectual" or "pretentious", much to my regret. If its like that, I simply don't know it - I try my best, thats all I can do.

No need to become upset, as I see it. Better help me to find more appropriate words. And thats something I'd like to ask everybody reading one of my postings!

Also I would have liked to hear from you about your personal experience from your life concerning "not fitting in" resp. "fitting in".