Friday, February 06, 2009

Dotty as you've never seen her before

Art by Eric Bowman.
Apart from this being a fun and surprising idea, I like it as a painting.


Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Me three! :-)

The Dissonance said...

We're about to leave Kansas for parts unknown Toto.

tc said...

Looks a little Marilyn Monroe-ish... :-) Very nice paintings, though. Makes me think of vintage pin up posters from the 40's and beyond! :-)

Johnnie Walker said...

Obviously it's a very blatant (and exceedingly vulgar) reference to Monroe. It doesn't capture the spirit of the old pinups. This isn't art. I could see it being a popular image on mudflaps for truckers. Even the technique is poor.

Johnnie Walker said...

Btw, Dorothy is supposed to be 11 years old.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I don't find it particularly vulgar, or poorly drawn. It's simply a pin-up style parodic art, a bit humorous, a bit kinky, tongue-in-cheek. Seems to me like the very definition of the classic pin-up style! (Was Marylyn's original scene any less "suggestive"?)

As for Dorothy's age... if real-life actresses are allowed to grow up into adults, why not fictional characters? I was far more disturbed when I read on a Lindsay Lohan site of fan photos the comment "I can't wait till she turns legal". The guy was impatient to find non-fake nude (and possibly erotic) photos of her. At the time she was still a teen.

Dorothy Gail is at no risk of getting abducted by a child abuser. Especially in THIS weather. So I'm okay with this kinky parody drawing of an adult who was once a child. Let's wean ourselves of the worried paranoia a bit already.

eolake said...

I don't see why the Lohan fan should be so disturbing. All those laws at so arbitrary. If Lindsay had visited Denmark at fifteen, for example, and had sex with a 19-year-old, nobody would have had done anything illegal, because the age of consent in DK is 15.

So arbitrary, and yet taken so seriously.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Well, I said it was "far MORE disturbing" to me. Never said it was very disturbing in the ABSOLUTE sense.

"Relevance is all about circumstances. And relativity depends on proportions."

Joe Dick said...

The age of consent in Canada was 14 until just a few months ago when they raised it to 16. I'm not sure why they did that. It's bizarre. I could have been banging some 14-year-old and then they change the law and I've got to stop?

Maybe in the future when they understand the brain better they'll be able to figure out at what age someone is able to really give consent.

Btw, vulgar is not the word I'd use for this, but maybe "tacky" is appropriate. Or cheesy. I know Eolake's definition of art is so ridiculously broad as to encompass anything, but I'm a bit more discerning.

If this is modeled after the famous Monroe stunt, I wonder how the air is blowing Dorothy's skirt up like that - Monroe was standing over an air vent.

Joe Dick said...

"I can't wait till she turns legal".

Yeah, because the only thing that's keeping them from scoring with Lindsay Lohan is because she was underage. Sure. Okay. :-)

eolake said...

"I know Eolake's definition of art is so ridiculously broad as to encompass anything"

Yup, that pretty much sez it.

DDD said...

I guess Joe "The" Dick ain't never been anywhere near a tornado!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Unlike air vents, DDD. The Dickster can spot someone (or something!) that blows from several miles away. The hitch is, a tornado sucks.
(Boo for tornadoes!)

Some say Joe's aptitude is best defined with the word "discerning". But maybe "picky" is appropriate. Or demanding. ;-)

What is art? What is fart? I once heard a guy whistle The Blue Danube by using his flatulences (which implies amazing sphincter fine control). Is it both at once? Where to start? Why take parts? Listen to your heart. Let's play darts. Or race go-carts at the Mart with Simpson Bart. Who wants some tart?
"Hmmm... tarts!" -- (Homer S, nuclear gourmet)

"Yeah, because the only thing that's keeping them from scoring with Lindsay Lohan is because she was underage."
Yes, I'm sure it had nothing to do with slapping Cardinal Cyclops, or warming up the pipe bomb, or shifting to all gears, or pointing North, or brandishing BinLaden's scimitar, or doing the salute to the hag, or sailing ahoy with the seamen, or late-lubing the pistons, or...

"The age of consent in Canada was 14 until just a few months ago when they raised it to 16. I'm not sure why they did that."
Well, *I* am. Clearly those dedicated lawmakers have done such a fantastic job thwarting crime and recession and unemployment, that they now have free time aplenty to tinker with the fine settings of State-defined morality by cautiously tightening the bolts. (Say, that expression could also be used as a metaphor for... naah! I'm not that sort of dirty mind!)

Canada has recently decided that what applied to legalised pornography (as a proven measure to decrease sex crimes) was undoubtedly the other way round with drawn underage porn, no matter what the Japanese experience demonstrated.
Surely it can't be the sweeping, low-altitude worldwide moral crusade initiated by Newt Gingrich and the likes of him, and which spread all the way to the UK and Australia.
I'd never assume such an insinuating conclusion...

Age of consent is a delicate and complicated question indeed. I'm just sorry it's so rarely envisioned rationally, still today.
Yesterday evening I watched a TV show analyzing the world economy crisis, with the wasting, the mindless consumering and living on debt, the pollution and human exploitation... A philosopher stated that the Christian Church had a significant responsibility in the lost of moral values in today's world: "Over time, they have concentrated all moral references on themselves and God, leaving nothing for some practical and universal principles that everybody should follow no matter their obedience, like respect of the environment or sustainable growth. As a consequence, when people lose their trust in the Church [which is happening more and more, gee I wonder why?], they also lose their one and only reference, and completely stop caring."
It's pretty obvious why the clergies can't stand the intestines of atheists. Not only do these prove that you can survive just fine without entering a church, but they're also the living counter-proof that "God is the single source of our moral sense". (Mainly, I suppose, the abject fear of Loving God tossing us dear children in the deep-fryer of Hell? "I'll take mine crispy, Astaroth. With finger sausages on the side, and a cup of blood, rare.")

I bet not even symbolist Eolake had foreseen this pin-up drawing to become a metaphor for the moral tornado sweeping the world today?
As I said, Boo for the tornado!

How's that for parts unknown, Dissonance? Have ah dragged y'all far enough? :-)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

(I know, that last bit wasn't exactly Kansas accent, more like Arkansas. Bear with me, I'm just a hick from Lebanon. Which is ALSO the name of a town in Kansas. Uhm... WTF?!?)

Joe Dick said...

I once heard a guy whistle The Blue Danube by using his flatulences (which implies amazing sphincter fine control).

Well, you know, I can't help but admire that kind of virtuosity.

I guess Joe "The" Dick ain't never been anywhere near a tornado!

I have not. Call me crazy, but it seems like a tornado would blow around more than just her skirt, which is blowing up (a la Marilyn Monroe). Is her hair blowing around? No, not really. That basket on the ground isn't going anywhere. And it's clear that the tornado is quite a ways away. Let's get a physicist in here and ask him if all the power of a tornado can swoop in and up a girl's skirt, leaving everything else untouched.

Joe Dick said...
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Joe Dick said...

Btw, Pascal ol' buddy, ol' pal, wouldn't H to the O-M-E-R be more of a gourmand? ;-)

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Make up your mind, already: is it ol' buddy, or ol' pal? Yer' kunfyoozin' mah hayd!

"Gourmand, gourmet... it's all about loving food anyway!" - (Rémy, french chef and born rodent)

"I have not. Call me crazy"
Uh... Yeah. Definitely. If you've never approached a tornado, you MUST be nuts. I mean, what's to fear, right?

I'm sure the wind would first lift the skirt (her hair is tied), but probably not THAT intensely. That bit is about open kinkine... I mean, artistic freedom! Yeah, that's it. "Artistic" whatchamacallit. Or maybe it's a laser tornado. You know, laser, as in "focused".
If you get hold of a physicist, while at it ask him about the "Brocoli effect", which states that every time a pretty babe is carrying brocoli in a paper grocery bag, gravity increases, causing both the groceries and the panties to drop at the moment of optimum embarrassment.

Joe Dick said...

I thought at first that said psychiatrist not physicist. A psychiatrist would be a waste of time. Like Zaphod, I have personality problems beyond the dreams of analysts.

Unknown said...

Not Broccoli, its CELERY that works on panties!
See :

Dave M! said...

Can you confirm that Eric Bowman is the artist? I haven't been able to verity it online. In advance, thanks!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Sorry, I don't remember how I came about that datum.