Wednesday, February 04, 2009

House Of Frankenstein

So I just (sort of) watched the old Universal flick House Of Frankenstein. It had a new "Frankenstein's monster" made by a different man. But it looked pretty much like the first one, flat head and super-brow and all. What an amazing coincidence.

A third into the movie, it turned out that Dracula would return from the dead too! The plot thickens. And this is only a one-hour film!

But don't be too excited, not until you hear that two thirds into the film, the wolfman makes an appearance! I wonder what kept them from throwing in the mummie and the creature from the lagoon also? Licence issues? Talk about ripe for parody. I'd love to make that movie.

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Alex said...

The Creature didn't appear in film until the 1950's. The first of the three being in '54 "Creature from the Black Lagoon". Hence he wasn't in it. (Unless you meant Brooke Shields, the creature from the Blue Lagoon).
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