Friday, February 06, 2009

iPod Nano IRL

I finally got around to see the new(ish) iPod Nanos in real life. I just have to say: gawd, they're beautiful. Before this generation, I'd been bitching about the boring colors, but I gotta say, when they finally did it right, they did it really right. The design is simple and gorgeous, and the colors are vibrant. I tried photographing them, but because it's metallic colors, photographs just fall flat, they don't capture the glow of the things.
Some people plaster gems or gold all over an iPod to make it a piece of jewelry, but besides being poor taste at the best of times, with these things it's gilding a lily, they are already jewelry.

1 comment:

tc said...

You're cute, Eo! Wipe the drool off your chin, Doll! lol! ;-)

I rather enjoy the shiny silver casing on my iPod, too! Completely know what you mean!