Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I admire people with patience, I have so little of it myself. I've made many works of art in my life, but very few of them took over half day to make.

Peter Callesen (oh, he is Danish) also makes large papercuts.
(I can't seem to make a direct link. Click on "large scale papercuts" on the left.)

One wouldn't imagine it would be the same man who would make bizarre and funny performances.


tc said...

Amazing! And...I know what you mean re: patience and lack thereof. I would probably be *good* w/*Big wave moving towards a small castle made of sand* but...that would be IT! lmao! :-)

Woulda been cool to see how much time is put into each of these.

He has many interesting projects on his site. :-)

brian said...

This falls under the category "crafts" of "arts and crafs". I can admire the skill and patience required, and the mental toughness to endure that kind of mind-numbing boredom. Still, looking at I'm reminded of a Martha Stewart type project and can't help thinking "You don't get that time back!" But, hey, what the hell. Maybe they find it relaxing. Maybe it's like Zen. Or something.

eolake said...

I deg to biffer. For one thing this goes well beyond making little paper stars at Christmas. For another thing I find many of the shapes he makes, like the flowers, very artistic.

But OK, it's clearly veering a lot towards the craft side.

neeraj said...

Beautiful! And nicely described by him: "...dealing with impossibility, illusions, and reflections." I think, his performance is out of the same source.

Yes, I think it has to do with Zen ...

Excursion about the literal meaning of "Zen":

"Dhyana" means "meditation" in Sanskrit, the very old and "holy" language of the Brahmans - like Latin used by christian priests to make it special - Buddha spoke his teachings in contemporary "Pali", so he changed it into "Chan". When it came to China, this remained and is used there until today. When it came to Japan, it changed finally into "Zen".

So, "Zen" is simply the core of "meditation" - and "Zen meditation" is some kind of nonsense doubling like "Volksdemokratie" = "peoples democracy". Uff, end of excursion.