Friday, January 16, 2009

French game show

Hmmm, this game show seems to only have female contestants. I guess they are going for the female viewers.

What is it about bosoms? You just can't keep your eyes off them. If they are really obvious, even straight women can't, I've heard that more than once.
And of course that makes it problematic in the western world, because it's been made into a thing of shame if you look. Never saw the logic of that.

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At 16 Jan 2009, 09:40:00, Blogger Damien said...

Haha, I know this show, I used to watch it as a child ten years ago and it's still running today.
There are male participants; I believe this must be a compilation of the most enjoyable moments ;) It's basically an adventure game set in an old sea fortress.
I find it comforting to see these images in a show whose main audience is families with young children — maybe there is hope after all — and not so comforting to realise this video has been flagged as "adult" on dailymotion...

At 16 Jan 2009, 12:28:00, Blogger Tommy said...

Eolake, I can view all the "boosoms" on the Domai site anytime that I want. But as you watch this, don't you just hope that one will fall out?! Or did you find yourself leaning this way or that so that maybe you could see inside her blouse "just a little" more?

"thing of shame if you look"
This is interesting, because you are absolutly correct. It seems that if I do this, the usual response is, "hey, what are you lookin' at buddy". I as well, don't understand this. I look because of it's beauty. But, with that response, who wants to take the chance. But, they dress like we're suppose to look and appreciate it. It's always been very confusing to me.. Maybe we just need to put on a set of blinders, like they do with horses.

At 16 Jan 2009, 19:11:00, Blogger Kent McManigal said...

Or, maybe we should stop acting like we got caught doing something wrong when it is noticed that we are looking.


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