Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Watch in HQ? And "Twilight"

Lisanova does a movie trailer parody. (Original is here. Take teaser one.)
Not very interesting, I guess, if you haven't seen the movie (I haven't.), but: in the beginning of the YouTube vid is the message "click below to watch in High Quality"... I've seen it before, but I never figured out what it is I'm supposed to click on, and what they mean by "high quality"... Any bids?

Am I the only one who thinks that from the trailers the Twilight film looks like it's stupid? Just for one thing, the boys look like style-challenged goths, only they run around in the woods. And for another thing, I have the same problem as with Buffy and her adolescent crush on Angel: how can a girl fall in love with, and want to have sex with a vampire, whose body is room temperature and has no heartbeat? (Leaving apart the whole Vicious Killer issue for now. Well, gotta admit that part seems to be a turnon for many women.)

Update: I'm not alone, Eric points to this review. (Pretty irritating in itself, but has some good points to say.)
(The vampire is a vegetarian? Really? Give me a fucking break, that's the dumbest idea I've heard.)

There are many interesting comments under that review. It seems teen girls are totally gaga over that boy. (I think he looks like Frankenstein's gay son.) One girl, though, writes:
"I thought that I was the ONLY girl who had read the book and didn't like it. The male lead, Edward, has NO PERSONALITY. His personality consisted of him being obsessively in love. OBSESSIVELY. I mean, he would watch her while she slept every single night. How insanely creepy is that? I'm planning on seeing the movie when it gets to the cheap theater we have in our town, though, just because it seems as though it would be so bad that it would be funny."

I wonder if many girls/women think that a man who is obsessed with a woman is romantic?

That critic is promising. Here's his Eddie Murphy's Raw In Five Seconds. More five second moview/reviews here, very funny.
I'm glad I skipped this one.
I'm a bit amazed to see that I've seen virtually all of that long list of movies.


Anonymous said...

"Watch in High Quality" means exactly what it says. You click on the text itself and it takes you to a version of the video with better image and sound quality.

And I think this review sums up Twilight perfectly: http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/thatguywiththeglasses/bum-reviews/2741-twilight

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Nothing happens when I click on the text.
Also it says "click below", not "click here".

Alex said...

Just below the window with the movie is a small link for "watch in high quality". Even after selecting HQ, the movie still has the Click below thingy on it. I guess you can submit a HQ video, and then the user selects a downsample, or full res version.

captcha was "emples"

Anonymous said...

I thought that Twilight sucked big donkey balls. One of the worst films I've seen in a long time. The story had a solid basis, but for some messed up reason the creative juice ran out after "vampire in love"...bit lame to say the least. And it's true, Edward -- and pretty much everyone else -- has no personality whatsoever. Not to mention that the vampire makeup is the most hilarious I've seen in any vampire movie...Frankenstein's gay son indeed.

Anonymous said...

"Lisanova does a movie trailer parody."

The funniest part: "I'll stop eating cheese. I just can't be separated from you!" LMAO!

captcha: inate (almost! ;-)

Hannah said...

I enjoyed the books, they were a fast light read while I was in America this summer. However, I've seen the posters for the movie and the characters don't look anything like I'd imagined. So... I don't know that I'll bother watching it.

Anonymous said...

I love the books. Like Harry Potter, they're really good once you get past how popular they are. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I don't know about it.

"And for another thing, I have the same problem as with Buffy and her adolescent crush on Angel: how can a girl fall in love with, and want to have sex with a vampire, whose body is room temperature and has no heartbeat?"

Lol, that's not exactly a question I've lost any sleep over.

Anonymous said...

(I think he looks like Frankenstein's gay son.)

Classic! Yes, that's exactly what he looks like!

Anonymous said...

I watched the trailer and it looks like those are among the most powerful vampires ever depicted on screen. They could probably go toe-to-toe with Superman for fuck's sake. As ridiculous as vampire movies are, this one takes it to an almost godlike level.

TC [Girl] said...

Well...I can't seem to find the "pretty boy," Edward, that you posted, a little while ago; and...I've always wondered about the "why" of the fascination of vampires. Well...this article shares some of the...um "draw!" :-/ (WEIRD!)