Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Cheerleaders' Nude Photo Suspension

Cheerleaders' Nude Photo Suspension, article.

Maybe it's because I'm European, but I don't ever get it when I hear of things like this. To suspend pupils over nude photos makes as much sense to me as suspending them for using the wrong fork at dinner or wearing an unfashionable haircut. I don't get it, why does anybody care??!!


Paul Kierstead said...

Well, they were just suspended from the squad, not school. Still out of line (unless the pics involved the uniforms..) but less so.

Two things amused me....

"..after nude photographs of them circulated via text message."



"The families allege it was unnecessary for school officials to share the photos with other staff members ..."

Uh huh. I'll bet they did share them around, just for "evidence".

Kent McManigal said...

I don't think being European explains your bewilderment. I don't understand either. It is like the teen girl in America who was recently charged for "child pornography" for texting a sexy pic of herself to her boyfriend. The brilliant "authorities" decided she was both the "pornographer" and the victim.

Steve said...

I think a lot of it has to do with our country's Puritan background. I only hope that someday our country's view of nudity will change.

Anonymous said...

mmm, cheerleaders. Anyone know where those photos could be found? Apple pie pussy!

Anonymous said...

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Pascal [P-04referent] said...


Another thing amused me:
"This is frivolous," Northshore School District attorney Mike Patterson said. "It should never have gone to court and they (the families suing) should recognize that what happened here was created by their own doing."
The guy calls the parents frivolous for suing against the suspension. But the suspension itself wasn't frivolous?...
Nooooo, it was useful, to the point, necessary, relevant, and most of all, educational I'm sure.

BTW... I'm not a cellphone user, but I wasn't aware you could text-message photos. Is this the same as SMS? ;-)

Kent McManigal said...
"I don't think being European explains your bewilderment. I don't understand either."

LOL! Welcome to the planetary club!

Joe said...

"One of the pictures was taken three years ago and sent to the teen's then-boyfriend. The other was snapped in June."

These were old pictures. There is no good reason these should be affecting the lives of these young girls. I could see that if they were in uniform or using the school or team logo, the school would have grounds for protest.

This is not the case so let it go.

Anonymous said...


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