Sunday, November 23, 2008


Does anybody know what SLYTP means? It seems to be a warning like NSFW (not safe for work), but I can't find a definition.
Apparently this is SLYTP.

I even tried the define: tag in google, but I didn't get a result. I never get a result with that, I don't know why they even have it.

Top Cat helps:
"I find people pre-emptively pointing out that their post is 'single-link-youtube' to be incredibly distracting. Not everybody..." (from a post on the site metafilter.)

so... Single-Link You Tube Post(s)


Paul Kierstead said...

Ah, another person who likes to surf the blue.

eolake said...


eolake said...

Oh, metafilter. Actually I just heard about it yesterday, from your site.
But I think the signal/noise ratio is a bit low, so I dunno.

Paul Kierstead said...

The S/N ratio is off and on. I go away for a while, then come back. On one hand, it can be very noisy, but OTOH it is one of the few very social places with a deep interest in politics, tech and art, and the blend is quite intriguing. Most places with a lot of tech or forum saavy people tend to have a utilitarian streak (which I am sure you are aware of). But really, the comments are where it is at.

But for sure the S/N ratio could (and is sometimes) better.

eolake said...

I hear ya, thanks.