Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ron Paul on liberty


tc said...

Forgive me, Eolake, but...I'm a tad distracted: this gurl thinks that the news reporter is in the wrong line of work...what w/that handsome face and smile and all! lol! :-P

eolake said...

He is very handsome, isn't he.
But he's not a reporter.
Actually I don't know what he does for a living. But he has a youtube channel:

And if you find the Norwegian language sexy:

ttl said...

He is an entrepreneur. He is the founder and marketing manager of Runbox in Norway.

tc said...

Uh...lemme rephrase that: this dude has a nice side profile! lmao!

It's interesting what a person actually looks like...from the side view...and doesn't even come close to looking like...from the front view. My brain had *created* a completely different creature! lol! :-)

Thanks, Eolake, for the links. The Norwegian was *fun*...for about a half minute! lol! It was interesting to listen to but...I just realized that...that is the language that is so different from Danish that I can't understand it.