Saturday, November 15, 2008

Edit video file

I have a video file (330MB MPG) which needs 40 seconds cut off the end. And I think it can be smaller without image quality compromise. But it's corrupted somehow, and my QuickTime-based Apple editing apps won't open it (even though it will play in Mplayer). Can somebody help?


eolake said...

... Download link coming soon, it's uploading.
(I'll give a membership for the help.)

Kim G said...

He, I must have too much time on my hands tonight. I think I did what you wanted and you can get it at :

Kim G said...

btw. Done on a Mac using FFMpegX, Quicktime Pro with a DivX Pro-codec.

eolake said...

Tak for det, Kim. Jeg downloader den.

Jeg ser dit screenshot på din hjemmeside. Det ser ud til at du bruger lige så mange apps ad gangen som jeg gør!
Hvad er din profession?

Hvis du vil have et domai medlemskab, så mail til

eolake said...

Kim: OK, I got the file now. You clipped it perfectly. And the file is much smaller with about the same quality. Thank you very much.

The only issue is that the picture is now stretched to widescreen, which makes some scenes look odd.

Mike said...

Mpeg Streamclip is excellent for these sorts of jobs and is a free download. Checkout

eolake said...

Thank you very much.

By the way, Kim fixed the file and it's perfect now, and only 85MB. Kewl.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Terrifyingly efficient, your danish talk there, Captain Eo.
I just unleashed a whole army of mindless minion robots against it to see if they could rip off your address for a spammer, and they all imploded in despair.
I say, good form, old chap!

You wouldn't happen, perchance, to have a similar trick for keeping my brother's pesky in-laws at bay?

eolake said...

A tub of hot acid over the door.

Sven said...

Can this video be found somewhere? På hemsidan kanske?

eolake said...

In the members' section of