Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fake paper announces end of war

[Thanks to Ray.]
Fake paper announces end of war.
This has to be harsh medicine for all the poor souls who got the paper and believed it. But hopefully a reminder of how much we dislike being at war, unless we have stock in Haliburton.
Video here.

Update: this is hysterical: a British blog has the headline "New York Times spoof gives city a taste of a socialist America"!
"Socialist". Heh.

Here's a site for the fake edition. There are also other interesting headlines, like "Court Indicts Bush on High Treason Charge" and "USA Patriot Act Repealed".

USA Patriot Act Repealed
Published: July 4th, 2009
Eight years after being enacted, and three years after being reauthorized, the controversial USA Patriot Act was repealed by Congress by a vote of 99 to 1 in the Senate and 520 to 18 in the House.
No fanfare greeted the repeal in either house. Absent were the 40-minute speeches and foam-core charts predicting Armageddon. The act was repealed with a simple vote cast late in the day by a Congress ashamed of what it had done and what the Act had meant for Americans.

Only one senator voted against the "Patriot" act in 2001. Oh how it would be to live in a sane world.

... Damn, this paper and site does not pull any punches. Look at this ad:

And here's an interesting fake apology by the NYT.

Sadly, when you click on the Arts Section, you get a 404 page! LOL. Too bad, I'd have been curious as to what the Yes Men would consider modern renaissance art.

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Gregory Olinyk said...

Wow! Talk about "tapping into the American (the world's?) psyche! The only reason the Bush-Cheney cabal are not being brought to the Hague on war crime charges is because the United States is too strong militarily. Even Hitler's crew would not have been tried at Nuremburg if they had not lost the war.

We can thank House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, for failing to bring impeachment against Bush and Co. She, and all like her, must go or President-elect Obama will have missed a real opportunity to clean up America.