Saturday, October 04, 2008

Toshiba DVD Player

I heard about the new "Toshiba DVD Player with XDE500 Advanced Upscaling Technology". This is apparently the name of the model in Europe! (I think it's the one called "Toshiba XD E500" in the US.)

It's supposed to upscale DVDs to HD screens much better than other players. I was sceptical, but saw some great user reviews somewhere, so I bough it. I just posted this review on Amazon:

I haven't made comparisons of the image quality yet, but this machine has several issues which makes it disappointing to me:

1: It does not remember how far it has played a disc. Since I never watch all of a DVD in one go, it means I have to leave the machine on 24/7.

2: The remote control is the cheapest, most plasticky thing I've ever seen. And the buttons are so unresponsive that I have to press them on average three times to get the machine to react. It's highly annoying. Toshiba should be *embarrassed* by selling something of such poor quality.

3: The picture is stretched to wide screen (and thus distorted) no matter what picture setting I use.

It's amazing you can buy such a poor product these days. I mean, DVD players are not news anymore. And this one cost twice as much as the average player, even those which also have upscaling technology.

I've been using my Blu-ray player to play DVDs, but it's sloooow.


Anonymous said...

Get a Sony.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Very wise. That's exactly what I decided.

The Sony in my bedroom is great.