Thursday, October 02, 2008

D90 and video

Mike Reichman reviews the Nikon D90 and its video capabilities. Like I had more than suspected, he concludes that it's no substitute for a good video camera, but it's an excellent mid level camera with video as a great little extra for some uses.
"... But, put it on a tripod, do all manual settings, add a terrific Nikon lens between fish eye and super telephoto, and you may have a useful add-on tool to the Indy and creative film maker / videographer. At under a thousand dollars it's a virtual steal for this type of use, costing far less than devices such as the Letus 35mm lens adapter, being also much smaller and more mobile, and of course providing a high quality DSLR as well at no extra cost.
Stills photographers who want to explore and become familiar with shooting video and exploring the world of convergence can now do so at under $1K. For someone that already owns a Nikon system and lenses this is a no-brainer, because the D90 is a very fine, small, and full featured DSLR regardless of its video capabilities. You get video for free to play with and learn about. What's not to like?
The third and final market that's going to be all over the Nikon D90 like a dirty shirt are newspapers..."

Also CameraLabs is an early bird with a full D90 review. (His video part of it will come tomorrow.)

My D90 is a bit delayed, but it seems I'll get it next week.

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