Monday, August 11, 2008

A photo shoot

A fun story about a professional photo shoot.
"Actually for years I've ridden with Mr. Bizos. He is one of my very best friends. Actually he's more than a friend, he's family, and riding in a vehicle with Didier is unique. Picture a multitasking Frenchman driving with his knees and talking on two cell phones at once, while I yell out, turn here on Rue de Rivoli, and Didier says, uh no I think we do San Germain, and I go no no it's the other way, and of course we miss the next six exits. "Didier is going to take exception to this, but for the first year of riding with him I thought Paris was the size of LA, NY and London combined until I realized that every trip was just Didier's way of going south, then west, then east, just to get north. Don't get me wrong, Didier knows Paris like the back of his hand, but he is has a lot going on in his life, family, business, studios, and in this instance me."
"The Phase people are nice, but really Danish, which means polite and reserved. In fact so polite and reserved I keep waiting for the craziness to pop out. You know – like those kids I grew up with in Texas that on Sunday were all quiet and humble in Church, but on Saturday night burned down half the city and partied like Keith Richards."

Wow, it's like he's been to my home town on a Saturday.

"I think it is important to note what a company like Phase* is all about. They're not 4,000 people with stock options, corner offices and Google-like cafeterias. They are engineers and inventors first and marketing is somewhere way down the line."

* His nick name for Danish high-end camera back producer Phase One. He is not the only one calling it "Phase", I am not sure what's up with that, to me it's like calling Microsoft "Micro". Confusing, that is.

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