Sunday, August 10, 2008

Little Red Riding Hood (The Politically Correct Version)

Here's a classic, Little Red Riding Hood (The Politically Correct Version).
"Other people avoided the woods for fear of thieves and deviants, but Red Riding Hood felt that in a truly classless society all marginalized peoples would be able to “come out” of the woods and be accepted as valid lifestyle role models."


Alex said...

Reminds me, I never got to see "The Oompany of Wolves" all the way through.

Nice retelling.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I do believe this is adapted/expanded from the tales collection by James Finn Garner.
Not only a highly enjoyable read, but a direly needed healthy realization of some madnesses our era indulges into. Now that it's not classy to lynch Jews any more, societies need other arbitrary hangups to focus on. And it seems that the "wickedness of God-offending SEX" is coming back into fashion in the WASP World.
I say, this STINGS.
But if you can't beat them, join them. Or make as if you had, and get some good laughs out of it!
This is why I so love the silly-diddly-saddly... the Simpsons. Amen, neighbors.