Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cover bike

The cover of British Journal Of Photography this week.

What a frame. Tough, but sleek. Strong, but fragile. Powerful, but beautiful. Utilitarian but sexy.

(And if you think you know which one I'm talking about, you know me better than I do. I really like both the girl and the bike a lot.)


Alex said...

Is that in Manchester? Sure looks like Castlefields to me.

Alex said...

Yes I'm sure it is.

You can see that she is stood under the line that goes into GMEX, the building that looks like a big station, but the track too it is all over grown with weeds.
The castellated bridge is the right most of the three viaducts, carrying the main line from Oxford Road. It's patently obvious.

This photo of Potato Wharf confirms it.

I miss that part of the world.

EO, you should take your camera on the train to Victoria, catch the tram to Piccadilly, then walk back hugging the viaduct through UMIST, the South end of China Town, past the Refuge Building (opposite Oxford Road Station) and carry on through to Castlefields.

Some great photo opportunities for man of your calibre and taste.

eolake said...

Yeah, looks nice.

Alex said...

Wait until the first week in October, MMU, UMIST and Manchester University will be full of students. Wall to wall totty if it is like in my day.

Alex said...

And those bridges feature in the opening credit sequence of "The Street", an interesting Mancheter drama. The opening titles are a montage that show Manchester from the back of the town hall South to Didsbury(ish)