Monday, June 23, 2008


The sheer impermanence of everything on the Net still strikes me. I just sent a group mail to my affiliates collected through a few years. And within twenty minutes almost 500 "delivery failure" messages came in! And they're still coming.


Dibutil Ftalat said...

This has nothing to do with the net IMO. I am still checking my FIDO addresses from 20 years ago or so. An retain all e-mail archives. Big files but nevertheless. It is all in our heads.

eolake said...

You could be right.

KabelYaache said...

That speaks directly to common sense. Mister Danish - how can you possibly expect email addresses to remain the same over a long period of time? I send out 4000 emails on a regular basis, but I spend the time to make corrections, subtractions and additions. Maintaining lists takes work. Try it.

And you're STILL not writing a blog on a certain topic. You're a blog babbler.

Alex said...

I've had "forced" e-mail address changes. Moving house I went beyond local DSL into a cable area - boom, change of ISP, change of email.

That cable ISP was AT&T, they renamed the addresses several times in a 2 year period. attbi, athome and another one I forget. That was when I went g-mail (and switched to the city utility company for cable). Sure I could have gone hotmail, or some such earlier, but it just seemed every mail I got from hotmail was a sex site ad, so I thought it was for "hot" mail.

I can see how someone who uses their work account could change addresses very frequently.

eolake said...

Yeah, if it wasn't for ISP-centric addresses and for spam, there would hardly be any reason to change it at all.