Monday, June 23, 2008


I've tried all the online resources I know of, but I haven't found a definition for "Conradian". Does anybody know a resource which can help? (It seems it refers to a writer last name of Conrad, but I haven't found out what it actually means.)

It was used in this article, which talks about the death of factual journalism.


Alex said...

From a Google search

I was just watching a Conrad movie this weekend. It was "Sabotage" by Hitchcock. A good suspense, and may I say very apt for todays climate.

The feel of the film suited Hitch's late UK career, much like his adaptation of Buchans "Thirty Nine Steps".

Still, this says little about Conrads for narrative style. I must read Heart of Darkness just because...

Erik K said...

Howell Raines' oblique reference to (I assume) Joseph Conrad has no obvious connection with Conrad's style, outlook or literary legacy. It strikes me as merely a fragment of verbal tinsel that he has pinned to his prose in order to decorate his own pretentious ego.

To discover what 'Conradian' actually connotes, you could do worse than look up Wikipedia's article on Joseph Conrad. For more depth, read some of Conrad himself.

eolake said...

I think you're right. No connection.

I did read the wiki article on Conrad, didn't help me. And I read a sample of his work, didn't seem like it would interest me.

The article was not very helpful in that it did not link to Romenesko's blog.

I tried Gawker, what crap. Totally content free.