Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ysabella Brave

I was first pointed to her cover of What A Wonderful World. Considering that I like that song and that the people seem to love Ysabella, I was surprised to find I didn't like her interpretation all that much.
And then doubly surprised to find that I quite like her U2 cover:

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Anonymous said...

"What a Wonderful World" - With a little more practice, this charming little lady could be a real torch singer, like Julie London or maybe Peggy Lee. Or a jazz singer, like
Pearl Bailey or Lena Horne - or perhaps Cleo Laine, whom my pal described as 'the greatest crotch singer in the world'...and Cleo, wherever you are, we still love you! You're still the greatest, Darlin' -

- Ray.