Sunday, January 20, 2008

No more anarchy in the UK

"Ministers are planning to implant "machine-readable" microchips under the skin of thousands of offenders as part of an expansion of the electronic tagging scheme that would create more space in British jails."


Cliff Prince said...

Can't they just dig the chippie out from under their skin, maybe carry it about in their backpack for a while, then leave it on the subway and disappear from the monitoring of authorities all too easily?

Or, I guess, if you're opposed to such Orwellian measures, disappear wonderfully?

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

The eternal debate. We'd all love to feel safe from some hopelessly criminal monsters, but we know bloody well how easily some people in power would abuse such methods, even before using them for the original "noble" purpose. Orwellian dystopia indeed. I'm surprised the USA haven't yet put to vote a law about placing such RFID chips in all foreigners, including Mexican workers...

So let's skip the ethics issue (at least now in my here comment) to mention another problem, more practical: these thingies work via remote electromagnetic induction. I'm ready to bet that a wide brass bracelet around the area of the chip would shield it from responding to detection. Perhaps even wrapping one's arm in aluminium foil would... foil(!) the system and do the trick! Not to mention the growing number of locations where cellphone reception is being actively blocked. Rather likely it would disturb other electromagnetic signals, I bet.

The best response to dangerous individuals for which hope was given up is, I believe, to lock them up for good, just that and no more. Life imprisonment without parole in the worst cases (like pedophile murderers), surely reliable detainment facilities can be designed. And that way, if some new element of information should arise, there will still exist the possibility to reverse the condition, unlike death penalty for instance. I also believe it is possible, with enough good will, to make such places humane, in order not to sacrify the values of a society that's sincerely aiming for the best social system.

There IS no perfect solution. And constantly making a simple System more and more "efficient" (translate: powerful, tough, severe) is a known recipe for promptly increasing its mistakes/abuses along the way. We need to accept two fundamental things:
- Some degree of imperfection will always have to be made with in this world.
- That imperfection is intrinsic to human nature, for that's its very source.
We need less politician politics, and more sense, wisdom, education... in a word, more humanity.

Wishful thinking...

Anonymous said...

This is wrong on so many levels that I don't even want to waste my breath on it. The UK blew it a long time ago in my book. They don't care about your rights, your privacy, or you at all. There's no freedom there, and I doubt there ever will be again.

But by all means, little island, if you want to isolate yourself even more, go right ahead. Do us all a favour, though, and keep your retarded ideas to yourself.

Anonymous said...

It is important here to keep in mind a simple fact: such a system is definitely not designed nor intended for inmates who have nothing more to lose. Those will remain in jail.

What the legislator is targeting here are usually white collar workers, the kind who would typically serve "weekend time". People who don't pay their fines or other taxes, etc. In short, those who simply don't bow to authority.

Yet people who have lives worth living. Having such a system in place would allow any state to increase the number of such individuals that the state "can handle" at once, while dramatically reducing the costs of said "handling".

Perfectly Orwellian, indeed. And definitely worth fighting to the death.

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of when David Icke was ridiculed in the early 1990s from saying that the goal of the ruling elite was to microchip the population.

The late film maker Aaron Russo tells us that in 2000 Nick Rockefeller, whom he befriended, admitted to him that this is indeed the elite's goal.

In the US this is now called the Real ID Act. Without the "optional" Real ID you will not, for example, be allowed to fly. The Real ID will first be issued as a card. The implants will be first forced on immigrants (in order to fight the terrists, obviously) and then the rest of the population.

If you want to prevent this from happening in the US and EU, do everything you can to get Ron Paul elected as the next president of the United States. Not only is he the only clear headed candidate running, of all the candidates he is the strongest opponent to Real ID.

He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark —Rev. 13:16-17

Cliff Prince said...

I'm more interested in the technology -- and its technological counter-measures. I want to buy stock in the company that makes the implantable micro-chip, and in the company that makes the hand-held signal-scrambling device you can carry with you so that your personal implanted micro-chip seems to the authorities to be on a beach in Brighton. :)

Alex said...

Britain is the country where the minimum sentence for some crimes is shorter than "life", which can be something like 10 years, with parole, remission etc.

You know, many innocents hung under the older judicial system, but many people were scared straight and kept straight by the deterrent.

Now teenage kids lord around threatening people and if you try to do anything they claim their civil rights and nothing can be done.

Is there actually any punishment?

Indeed I remember noticing that as a prison in-mate I could have earned a university degree, had a single occupancy room, colour TV and 3 square meals a day, not to mention some minor income.

As a student I had a grant which barely provided rent, tuition fees, and food. If my parents hadn't helped out I would have needed a job in parallel to studies, and we shared a colour TV between 5 of us.

That's justice. I'm not a fan of corporal or capitol punishment, but I think there should be some punishment.

Oh, yeah. As a teen I would have loved to get a chance to drive a rally car. A few counties over they took repeat offender "Joy Riders" and gave them rally driving lessons and a chance to race in banger racing. I should have stolen some cars, maybe I could have gotten into a "rehabilitation programme".

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

I should have finished reading the article before speaking:
"The internal tags also have a use in maintaining order within prisons. In the United States, they are used to track the movement of gang members within jails."
The USA have started using them. Me and my dumb optimism!
Evil will always be one step ahead from trusting people.

"definitely worth fighting to the death."

Fighting for your principles to the death is noble. Fighting to live them is even better.
I'd rather fight and then live to enjoy the results. :-)

"David Icke was ridiculed in the early 1990s from saying that the goal of the ruling elite was to microchip the population."

Serves him right. Microchips are so outdated! Why not force people to wear an engraved stone slab around their necks, while at it?
Tu rule, you have to remain at the cutting edge of modern technology.

"Without the "optional" Real ID you will not, for example, be allowed to fly."

"Optional", absolutely. Just like human rights.
But how come federal agents have the option to let known wanted terrorists walf free and take flying lessons on american soil?
A wrong-minded anarchist might even insinuate that the goal of the regime is not, and never was, to ward off terrorists...

"Rev. 13:16-17"

Righ, I remember. The patent for this was registered in Washington, DC, on June 6th 2006. But the three-digit code of the Mark is a State secret, nobody knows what it might be exactly.

Final Identity said...
"I'm more interested in the technology -- and its technological counter-measures."

Take a number and stand in line! ;-)

"I want to buy stock in the company that makes the implantable micro-chip, and in the company that makes the hand-held signal-scrambling device"

Financially investing in the evil and the counter-evil, both of which can be expected to become in very high demand on the short term.
Smart. Very, very smart.
Too smart, perhaps. Maybe it's high time Mr Identity had a "little accident".

"Now teenage kids lord around threatening people and if you try to do anything they claim their civil rights and nothing can be done."

And I read that just after that comment I made on "Police apologise to photographer" in response to Bert.
Ah well, you can always go read it there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the coppers are next.