Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rip van Winkle

Lo this headline:
"Not long ago, both parties were smugly predicting that the movie-disc war between the Blu-ray and the HD DVD camp would be over in 2008, but it has not played out that way."

What? Did I sleep too long? Is it already 2009? Come on, I know that times are moving faster and faster, but are we at the point where we are now looking back at what happened next year?

Anyway, even as I bought a HD-DVD player a couple months ago, it is only now that it's dawning for real upon me that most movies do not come in both formats, only in one of them. That is really stupid of me not to notice. But then it is also really stupid of the movie industry to do it that way.

"HD sales currently amount to barely 1% of DVD sales." - article.


dreamer said...

sometimes sleep is the only escape.

Gandalfe said...

Yeah, being on the bleeding edge of technology is not only expensive, but frustrating. I've really cut back a bit. Just a bit mind you. ;o)

That's okay, the old school stuff works too. Check out Charles McPherson Quartet

Wonko said...

It's Beta Max and VHS all over again! Only this time I get the distinct impression that Joe and Jo Public are waiting

a) for the prices to drop towards something even vaguely affordable;

b) for the industry to decide which format has won.

I totally agree that this is typical film industry, trying desperately to screw the last penny out of consumers. It's a long way from the collaboration between Phillips and Sony that gave us the CD. I'll just write that word again in case any consumer electronics management are reading: COLLABORATION.

terry said...

dreamer said...
sometimes sleep is the only escape.

Yes, mystic cinema is my kind of life. Anything goes and there are no restraints. In my moonlight theaters I create illusions I'm happy with.
It is possibly to do so. It takes practice but works. The only downside to it all is when the alarm clock breaks the colorful silence.
Last night I recreated an event I had always wanted to alter in real life. It was a pleasant journey with no interference from hungry homewreckers.
I didn't even miss the popcorn.