Thursday, August 30, 2007

Lost in Thought

The only reason some people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.
-- Paul Fix

It's a funny line.
But I wonder... people who do get lost in thought, aren't they the people who actually do think?


Pascal said...

You think so?
Sorry, you lost me there.

Dibutil Ftalat said...

Can one swim? No, even if he was a world champion in swimming and has drowned.

If someone gets lost in thought - that's his own problem, thinker is the one who produces the result: the new knowledge or at least the knowledge that is new to _him_.

Anonymous said...

The people who tend to get lost in thought are the ones who are living in their mind most of the time. I would say it's just the opposite.


terry said...

what were you thinking? lol. a penny for your thoughts? why? i'll tell you my thoughts for free just promise me you will call off the dogs! (grin)
"I thought about what happened last night..........." Actually, how else can it be done? (second grin)

Michael Burton said...

The Paul Fix I'm aware of was a character actor, mostly on TV shows. If this is the same Paul Fix, I'd suspect the line was not his own, but some writer's.

Anonymous said, "The people who tend to get lost in thought are the ones who are living in their mind most of the time."

I've been living inside my own mind for decades now. I like all the empty space.

loveless in america said...

I like all the empty space.

Same here Mike. It matches my heart.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

Anyone who would ask that question is a fool. You're one of those none-too-bright people who want to be an intellectual and just end up looking like an ass when you try to say something profound. Give it up.

eolake said...

HR, You're not helping the discussion very much.

Pascal said...

"I like all the empty space."

Haha, good one. And empty space doesn't imply there's nothing in it: it could also be that there's a LOT of space in there, because it's a broad place. :-)
After all, there's always some extra room to spare in a loving heart.

Children love to pretend they're in unfamiliar territory, just for the pleasure of getting lost. Once, I had a kitten that got lost under my bed. I must confess, it was a real jungle of boxes down there. Had to dive in and rescue the poor thing. Took me a good 10 minutes and a lot of sneezes. My brothers were in stitches. They said "a mother spider would lose her brood in that place". No-good gossipers... all lies!!!

It is rumored that J.K. Rowling invented the Forbidden Forest and its Acromantula colony after hearing of the "Pascal's kitten incident". But the flying Ford and Whomping Willow are all her idea.
As for the teenagers on broomsticks, my lawyer advised me to avoid making any public statements at this point. He knows his stuff: he's the one who got Michael Jackson cleared.

Herr Khul Rockensmasher said...

Ach so, jawohl. H.R.'s discussion makes Khul's head hurt. Khul nicht understand H.R.'s brainy talk. Him better sprechen simple Englozisch schnell, or Khul smash puny Hercules like kartoffeln.