Saturday, March 31, 2007

Joy of Tech

The Joy of Tech looks at Adobe CS3.


ttl said...

Originally Adobe sold their softwares separately: Adobe Illustrator for vector based art, Photoshop for image manipulation, and so on. This worked well and Adobe became very succesful (and their owners became rich).

Then the company came up with the idea of packaging their softwares together and calling the bundle Creative Suite. Problem: The bundle was very expensive and few people needed all the softwares in the bundle anyway. So what did they do?

They created many types of bundles with different permutations of included software.

Of course, the problem now is that their product catalog is so complicated that people no longer understand it. Which version of the Creative Suite 3 do you want? Web Premium or Production Premium? Or perhaps the Master Collection?

Additionally, Adobe is now diluting the software brand names they've carefully built over the years. Whereas in the past you could say: "I'm using Adobe Illustrator", you now say: "I'm using Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium".

Apparently Apple is giving Adobe a run for their money, which has made them desperate. As a result, they have started to make poor comittee-style decisions in productization.

Pas-Cal-Tech institute said...

Naah! I think I'll just wait for the Sell-your-soul-and-country version, due out any day now.