Saturday, March 31, 2007


Kustomization is kool.
(I almost bought a high end Trek bike last year, but then I found out that my back is no longer up to road biking, goddammit.)

I was considering a recumbent bike. But some say the rock, some say they stink. Anybody tried them?

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At 31 Mar 2007, 18:35:00, Anonymous Monsieur Beep said...

Why are you looking for a high tech bike?
Consider trying a so called "Holland bike", which they use in the Netherlands all over the place. You definitely sit on it which looks funny with some folks but which is good for your back, producing a lot of drag when the wind is coming from ahead, but sailing along the other way round ;-)

At 31 Mar 2007, 21:55:00, Anonymous fallen soldier said...

Give Monsieur Beep the award. He deserves it. At least you can understand him.
They gave a purple heart because I survived a bomb blast. I gave it back and said "I didn't earn it."
"I was just lucky."
At least I'm outta that war-torn oil mess in vietraq!

At 1 Apr 2007, 16:47:00, Anonymous Monsieur Beep said...

"At least you can understand him."

Oh thank you kindly, fallen soldier. Pleased to hear I can get through wiz mz strong German accent. LoL.

Congrats, TTL, YOU deserve the award!

Xiao Beep.

At 1 Apr 2007, 22:45:00, Anonymous Pascal said...

fallen soldier said...
They gave a purple heart because I survived a bomb blast. I gave it back and said "I didn't earn it."
"I was just lucky."

I like your lucid and wise attitude.

Somebody once said to Napoleon, who gave medals to his soldiers : "You reward men's bravery with toys and trinkets."
He replied : "The world is ruled with toys and trinkets."
It certainly works when people are fully satisfied just by receiving them!!!

At 3 Apr 2007, 17:15:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have one, love it. Go to a bike shop and try one.Think about where you will be riding it. Sharp turns? Over curbs? Try a long wheel base first like a Rans Trailwinds.The recumbent bikes are not one size fits all. You must ride the bike before you buy. All recumbents are custom made to some extent so they are more expensive and because of the geometry they weigh more. Go for 20 inch wheels as small wheels greatly increase the effort to ride the bike.
I have a great mountain bike in the garage I ride my recumbent each day. Scott at 52 years old


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