Monday, May 09, 2016

TV show shuffling in the UK

Apropos TV, I have this mystery that's driving me crazy. Here in the UK, whenever any channel is running an old comedy show like the Simpsons or Friends, they NEVER run them in sequence, it's shuffled to complete randomness. Heck, even new shows they show a lot, like Disney comedy Liv And Maddie, are also shuffled.
(I'm a comedy fan myself, I wouldn't know Downton Abbey from Uptown Girl.)

I would have thought that the simpler thing would to play them in sequence, and for a continued-story show like Friends, it's just... illogical and disrespectful to the show and the fans. So, does anybody know why it is like this?

Ah, it seems the Downton Abbey makers are not adverse to a solid dose of comedy for a good cause, respect for that.

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Joe Dick said...

I think this is pretty standard everywhere for reruns in syndication. They do that here, and in the good ol' U.S. of A too.