Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stooopid search engines!

How come most search engines, in apps and such, are not only 100 times slower, but also so much stupider than Google? I mean, even years ago I was looking for a recipe in a second language (Swedish), and I spelt both of the two words badly wrong, and Google still found the recipe for me, top hit!

In contrast, look at this organic waste from the iTunes store:

How brain dead is that?

Normally it takes just a year or two for the industry to catch up to the inventor of something better. But after 15 years we are still waiting for search systems to catch up to Google. What's up?
Sure, I know that google has hardware which is colossal and mind-blowing, but on the other hand, they search an index of the whole friggin web! The billing company for my business, when their admin site/server searches for a customer, it normally takes like 20-30 seconds, as opposed to Google's 0.30 seconds, and they just have a few thousand customer numbers to search through. The contrast is absurd.


Bert said...

There's a lot more to Google than just the awe-inspiring size of their data centers. The architecture of their information storage and retrieval systems, along with their dynamic load distribution algorithms (you never know where your last query was processed), all of which are proprietary and were developed by Google staff, make it the most efficient database system ever built.

Yes, it is said that every single Google query burns more computing power than what was used to go to the moon but, as you mentioned, they index the whole friggin' web.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, that thought *alone* is mind-boggling! Was so even a decade ago, and the Devil may know how much it has grown since.
When my Mac Pro, supposedly a top-shelf personal computer, indexes my likkle hard disk, which most has just images, it takes hours and hours, and slows it down notably.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"organic waste"... I like your euphemisms.

Me, I came up years ago with expressions such as "digestive byproducts" and "human-made fertilizer". Even more "politicorrectal", wouldn't you say?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Not bad, maybe we should have a contest.

I was once on a photographer's email list with a lot of talent, but some of them were very antagonistic. Once I wrote a reply in a looong sentence, almost in Shakespearian English. One guy decoded it and said: "Uh, did you just tell Chris to go to hell?!"

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

You're on, you semi-pasty mold of refined colonic production. Fire away, and don't be afraid to repaint the ceiling!
The Pharaon of Lebanon fears no man nor beast. (I' m only afraid of two things: the sky falling on my headix, and Mother pulling my ears.)

Simply out of curiosity, what was your Shakespearian sentence? No, wait, let me guess, it'll be a good warm-up for the upcoming joust.
"Hark! What matter of bipedality fac-simile is this mine eyes gaze? 'Tis the Tartarus, and mine interlocutor be Cerberus, for the multi-headed hound that be Legion hath no peer nor fear when it comes to wandering about yon nether realm. Hence, by all means, do proceed with thine Plutonic love of a journey."