Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Explosive rock?

... That Russian meteor: how can a rock just explode like that? That was a huge explosion! Seems weird to me.
[Ray points to this.]

By the way, it silhouettes how rare this is. Meaning: how little space humans take up on Earth. Earth is hit by meteors and satellite debris all the time, and when do they ever hit anybody, or even a building? Virtually never. I don't really get how this planet is supposedly "overpopulated". It may be under-fed, but that's not the same thing, that's because a very tiny percentage of the land is developed, and what food there is, is very poorly distributed.

I was thinking the same as Jon Stewart when I watched the video: why is the driver not reacting? Is he on tranquillisers? Does this happen every day in his city? And I think that was not even the same vid.


Ken said...

It is all about energy. It is a large object going very fast, so it has lots of energy. Some of that is converted into heat which melts the meteor and then it breaks up and the energy is converted into an explosive shockwave.

Bruce said...

Not all land is the same. Land that can be cultivated is in short supply. Fresh water is in short supply. And both resources are being depleted in many parts of the world. Certainly distribution plays a part as well.

dave_at_efi said...

Overpopulated means more of the item than is sustainable, given the resources needed and waste products needing disposal. One gerbil in a cage works well. Put in 4 and watch what happens.