Saturday, January 19, 2013

Light drawing

My pal Laurie has made this excellent image.


Ol'Ben said...

Fascinating, Captain. If it is Photoshopped, it is an unbelievably carefully planned and executed job. So I am going to guess that it is a time-lapse shot of a light being swung around in a circle on the end of a string. The dark "cat's pupil" is located exactly opposite where the plank supporting the lightspinner is anchored to the wall. My particular compliments on the steady hand that made the final effect so smooth.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Not photoshopped.

It's one minute, and a flashlight. Now you mention it, there may have been some help in making the sphere so even.

Anonymous said...

I didn't use Photoshop in this image. Hardly ever use it these days.
Just a camera on a tripod, a long exposure and me twirling a light on a length of string around. The colour in the sky is light pollution from street lighting.