Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Infernal captchas

Google *really* must do something about those captchas (word codes to commenting).  they are usually just unreadable. How can it escape them that everybody is complaining about them? (So we're caught between a wok and a fireplace, either accept spam comments, or keep out the good commenters with bad codes.)

Dave T urged me to try the audio option. And he is right, amazingly, the audio version is even worse. Sounds like a ghost in a bad horror movie, in a bad VHS copy of a copy.


Anonymous said...

I managed to battle the CAPTCHA and post this comment.

Many websites and blogs have switched to the facebook plugin for comments and even use services like discus...Google's reCAPTCHA is only for failsafe but not for social!

Ray said...

Deciphering these fuzzy-assed letters only took me a week and a half! Woof!!!

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"Sounds like a ghost in a bad horror movie, in a bad VHS copy of a copy."

Which sounds just like the bootleg porn VHS cassettes which we tried to get our sexual initiation from, back in lebanese schools, some 25 years ago.

Still better than my Grandpa's gramophone kinky cylinders. How he managed to father 8 children is beyond me!
He must've studied the farm's animals for some better resolution info...

Anyway, all that lo-tech fap-training had an unexpected result: I get the code right from first go 90% of the time!

Now, for some REAL mindf*ck, try an old copy-of-a-copy-of-a-copy of Erotic Night of the Living Dead.
No fib, it's a genuine existing movie! From the blessed era before Invasion of the Silicone Fish-Mouthed Black-Eyed Epilated Vulgar Women.