Tuesday, December 04, 2012

USB plugs

I seem to count five different kinds of USB plugs.
This is woefully inadequate, we need 80-100 different ones. At the *very* least. Today I almost plugged in a cable right at the first try, that simply won't do.


TC [Girl] said...

ROFLMAO! FUNNY/SILLY you! Yes; let's make it more challenging and time-consuming than it already is!! :-D

Bruce said...

I know what you mean. Today I was doing some sorting out of my electronics stuff and I realized that I own three devices that use the same kind of mini USB cord. I was stunned. It just didn't seem right.

Alex said...

I think you must have miscounted. I got a kit of USB adapters a few years ago, and that contained 4 types and didn't include two that I needed. There are also special USB adapters. One of the cameras has a special variant of a USB plug, it has the gnd, 5v D+ and D- where you expect, but the underside has L/R audio, composite video and grounds.

There are only 6 specified in the standard.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

It is indeed a camera, Sony RX100. One of the two plugs looks just like the next-smallest USB port, but it doesn't fit those cables. Turned out when I got the specialy USB cord (Thanks god I rarely throw things out) which came with the camera, that fit. Albeit in the port next to the one I'd been trying.

Sim cards. I'd have thought the original was small enough for anything. Then came the really small ones. And now Apple has invented an *even smaller* one. We'll need jeweller's loups soon.

David Evans said...

"I'd have thought the original was small enough for anything."

It's all part of the grand march towards an implantable phone. With direct access to your eardrums and retinas.