Friday, December 07, 2012

Review: Samsung Galaxy Camera

Review: Samsung Galaxy Camera, article, TechRwanda.

I post it not because it has a lot of info you couldn't have guessed from the basic info of the gadget (decent camera, but if you don't need the apps, just get a regular compact camera, and so on). But because of the very poetic, almost Dadaistic language it has. (They may have used machine translation.) Lo:

There is simply one downside to this stuff included practicality-electric cell existence. At the point that utilized immaculately as a zoom lens, the apparatus can shoot around 170 representations and a couple motion picture cuts before using up electric storage device charge. Be that as it may provided that you put a 3G SIM into it, the electric cell existence takes a gigantic dip. The apparatuses can shoot around 100 to 120 visualizations when utilized with 3G. Samsung is savvy to the downtrodden electric storage device essence of Galaxy Camera and is pushing the unit an extra electric cell in India.
... Cons: No RAW uphold, absences basic access to settings for manual control, more gigantic and ample contrasted with normal focus-and-shoot camera, downtrodden electric cell essence.

"Poor battery life" becomes "downtrodden electric cell essence"? You gotta love that!


David Evans said...

I love "4.8-crawl touchscreen."

Yes, "crawl" is sort of a synonym for "inch". I wonder if machine translation would do that, or is it some guy with a dictionary?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I don't think the young punks would ever sit down with a dictionary, most probably never saw one.

Funny thing is the review is understandable. But of course it's not saying anything we haven't read in hundreds of reviews, so we connect the lines. If we machine translated a complex novel, it would be unreadable.
(Hmmm, did they have machine translation when Finnigan's Wake was written?)