Thursday, November 22, 2012

The living city? and monocycles

The producer from MIB III*: "I treat these vehicles (monocycles**) like they are another character in the story."

You always hear that. People say: "The city is like another character in the story".
What do they *mean* by this? Do they even know themselves what they mean, or is it just one of those cliches people pick up?
What do they do differently if "the city is another character" than they would if it weren't?

*Great fun movie! A more than worthy successor. Good story, great creatures and gadgets.

**It's said in the interview that there is no such thing in reality. Well, there is. Although admittedly it's a bitch to ride and will probably never be a big thing, though modern computerizing might help somehow with the balancing and turning.


emptyspaces said...

Sounds to me like a blowhard blowing hard. It's like making a good shot in pool; act like you do it all the time.

Jes said...

I've always thought it meant the city or thing or whatever has its own personality, like a character would.