Thursday, November 22, 2012

Depth of Field, Bokeh, and Why All Cameras Are Not Created Equal

(Note, I feel the content/ad ratio is a bit low in this one.)

John P has some good points here, but I would argue with his arguments against mirrorless cameras. If you get the right lenses, like the fabulous and not-expensive Olympus 45mm F: 1.8, you can get great soft backgrounds.

This 45mm lens from Olympus (90mm equivalent) is really a phenomenon. It has image quality normally only found in much bigger and much more expensive lenses. (It's about $400.) The only concession to the low price is that it's not all-metal, but then that even helps to reduce weight. Olympus' own 12mm 2.0 of similar quality is all metal, but it is twice the price.  And the 45mm is perhaps even more praised.

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John D. Linn said...

Wait a minute... This is not telling the right story. What he does not talk a out is focal length and that is what is more important then sensor size. The fact is a 50 mm 2.8 lens on a full frame has the same bokeh as a 50 mm 2.8 lens on a smaller sensor camera. Of course to get the same angle of view on the four-thirds camera you would need a 25 mm lens, and that is why it would have less bokeh. So f stop and focal length are what effect bokeh, not sensor size.