Friday, November 23, 2012

Camera deals.

[Thanks to tOP]

Excellent Black Friday deals:

Canon S100 at only $229! Wow, fantastic deal.

The best deals from B&H.
(A small sales commission goes to Mike from tOP, he richly deserves it.)
(And the S100 has my own affiliate link. I usually use those, if I remember. But I only ever write my honest opinion of any product anyway.)

In my opinion the only compact which beats the S100 is the Sony RX100, and that one is rather more expensive and slightly bigger.


Anonymous said...

Available in the UK (Bolton) for £229.

Bruce said...

My S100 arrived today. So far it is very convenient, very easy to use, and for the sensor size the images are very good.

I was worried about battery life but I think it will be OK now that I have changed the Image Stabilization Mode (IS Mode) setting from Continuous to "Shoot Only."

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Oh, excellent, enjoy it.

I like the feel of it too, unlike the earlier models it has a rough surface which is interesting, and gives a bit better grip.