Friday, September 14, 2012

Two new compact full-frame cams

A compact full-frame DSLR, Nikon D600! (Article.)

What really weird is that it costs only $2100, $500 less than the new compact Sony RX1... Even though the Nikon has a billion trillion gazillion more features and flexibility.
I hope for Sony that ultimate size in full-frame is very important to some people.

Don't get me wrong, the Sony is amazing, but $2600 is just shocking.

It's a shame (and almost typical, somehow) that neither of these amazing cameras have any image stabilization! (Unless, with the Nikon, you put on a lens which has it. The Sony's lens is fixed.)

By the way, Bert asked "I thought you weren't interested in full-frame cameras anymore?"
Well, true to a certain degree. But I'm always interested in quality, and not the least the quality/size ratio. Whenever they come out with a new camera which has the same quality in as smaller package, I get interested, at least in principle.
Although it's true that we are now at a point where Micro Four Thirds (1/4th the sensor size of full-frame) can deliver all the quality I need normally (because I rarely make really big prints).

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