Sunday, September 09, 2012

New Seinfeld site

Jerry Seinfeld has made a new site, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

I'm not sure it's exactly hysterical, but they feature some really cool cars (like a sixties Dutch police car, a Porsche!). And I like the quality of the video. Pinsharp, and a full range of tones, it's clear that it's done by pros with top equipment.
It's funny how you can still tell the difference. Fifteen years ago when pros started using cheap Digital Video cameras (not even HD) for feature movies (like the Danish Dogma95 movies), I sort of thought, well, who needs big professional cameras now?
Maybe it's because the quality sneaks up on us, we just get used to higher quality, and then we can see differences which we wouldn't have noticed before.

I'd like to see Seinfeld and Lenno do a show about vintage cars. I think that would be entertaining.

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