Sunday, September 09, 2012

Sony RX1 camera leaks with full-frame sensor in compact body

Sony RX1 camera leaks with full-frame sensor in compact body, article.
RX1, whose body looks borderline pocketable yet stuffs in the same kind of sensor (and likely image quality) you'd normally reserve for pro-grade models. Several extra details reveal themselves right from the start. The RX1 is carrying a 35mm, f/2.0 lens with no apparent button to detach the lens

Wow, a full frame "compact" camera, didn't see that coming.
But cool idea. If everything is done right, and I think it will be, then we may get the best image quality we've ever seen for a hand-sized camera.

A very beautiful camera

Of course, like I wrote about recently, with only a prime (non-zoom) lens, this will appeal only to people who put image quality (and portability) on a tall pedistal. For many people's general use it'll feel limited. A 35mm lens is for example not the best choice for portraits, unless you want the location and background to play a significant role.


Marcelo Metayer said...

PetaPixel show more details.

The price tag is $ 2800. The most expensive compact camera, except for Leica.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thank you very much.

Though I find it very hard to believe that they will try to price it over $2k. Who will that sell to, the dentists who just dropped their M9 and can't afford a new one this month? I think with a fixed non-zoom it is too limited to be used by very many pros.

David Evans said...

I can't imagine that, if I had this and an RX100, I would choose to carry this very often. I feel lost without a zoom, and the RX100's image quality appears to be as good as I would ever want.