Thursday, March 01, 2012

"Matter" journal

Here's a fresh attempt at bringing back long-form in-depth journalism, Matter.
MATTER will focus on doing one thing, and doing it exceptionally well. Every week, we will publish a single piece of top-tier long-form journalism about big issues in technology and science. That means no cheap reviews, no snarky opinion pieces, no top ten lists. Just one unmissable story.

Judging by the funding pouring into their Kickstarter project, there is interest for such a thing.
They'll aim at 99 cents per long-form article. I can see that working, if the stories are compelling and unique.

If the articles are over 15-20,000 words, I might call them "ebooks" and sell them for two or three bucks each (perhaps include some photos and video in them), and a new scheduled every week. Not only will the word "ebooks" give an impression of better value, it will even be more true if my impression of what they want to do is right. They want to do long pieces of writing which stand on their own instead of being sold in bundles, and which will have at least semi-lasting value and perhaps more, unlike most articles which are quite temporary. So "books" may not be over-selling it, as long, of course, as they are upfront about the actual length of the things.
They'll just need a good mechanism of subscription to them.

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