Friday, December 16, 2011

Fight the Blacklist: A Toolkit for Anti-SOPA Activism

[Thanks to Anna.]
Fight the Blacklist: A Toolkit for Anti-SOPA Activism, article.
Congress is debating dangerous legislation that would give the Department of Justice unprecedented power to “blacklist” websites without a trial and give Hollywood copyright holders a new way to shut down a website’s financial services for alleged copyright infringement. It’s nothing short of a bill to create a U.S. censorship regime, and it’s moving fast.


Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"it’s moving fast"... and none of them geniuses thought of installing brakes!

If this thing gets even a test run, there will be no stopping it. Unless it crashes into a very big wall. `8°)=

Philocalist said...

This latest weapon in the arsenal of US government has been seen in operation already - have you not noticed the 'announcement' to that effect, at the bottom of a page after doing a Google search, where you are notified that X number of sites have been excluded from the search because of this legislation.
Sites HAVE already been suspended / frozen, and the particularly worrying factor is that they apparently do not have to be US - based to fall within the grasp of this (US) legislation.
It's almost as though the US has 'given' themselves a mandate (and the power!) to be able to influence and control aspects of the WWW globally, irrespective of what other national interestsmay be.
No surprise there, then.